Based out of Tacoma, Washington, the alternative rock band known as Strangely Alright are blessed with an awesome sound and a cool group of guys to match. Comprised of members Regan Lane (lead vocals), Sean Van Dommelen (lead guitar, vocals), Ken Schaff (bass), Raymond Hayden (keyboards, vocals), and
Jason Bair (drums), this band of musical veterans are en route to becoming a household name upon the release of their single Reigning Nonsense.

Reigning Nonsense is a clever tune that is very inventive. Musically, the song has an electro-pop feel that is delightfull nostalgic but still holds its weight in originality. The track is very intricately produced and brandishes some amazing instrumentation, which includes guitar riffs and keyboard measures. The vocals and harmonies are equally entertaining. Strangely Alright also has a timely music video that emulates the song’s theme. Reigning Nonsense is just one of those musical gems that is truly exceptional. – Band Website – Instagram

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