Originally from Sydney, Australia, Chemical Refugee enters the world stage of rock music with a rugged sound that is soulful and motivating. Consisting of band members Doc McIntosh (vocals/guitar), Mengsi (bass and keyboards), and Frankenstein (drums), Chemical Refugee is comfortable in their own shoes and seek to share their vibe and avoid wasting time on gimmicks in hopes of making an impression. Instead, we find a band of organic purists who believe that music’s highest quality is produced from a work ethic of the same standard. Chemical Refugee’s witty lyricism and musical ingenuity can be seen in the band’s recent single, Decimated Days.

Decimated Days is a song about self-denial. Lead singer Doc McIntosh’s vocal scheme on the track brilliantly accentuates the song’s theme. Chemical Refugee is able to successfully build an easy-to-follow whirlpool of sound, which features various elements from electronic, industrial, and rock music genres. Delightfully, Decimated Days possesses a strong melodic continuity that is sure to attract music lovers. Decimated Days by Chemical Refugees is worth more than just a listen. It Is ready to serve as the building block of a cult following.

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  1. What an amazing track to listen to. Thanks for sharing!

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