Based out of the UK, Montauk is a unique band with a gifted sound that incorporates the musical language of several genres while maintaining a traditional pop music landscape. Montauk’s creative genius is captured in their upcoming self-titled debut album set for release on November 23rd, 2018.

Led by singer and songwriter Drew Richardson, Montauk is a brilliant collaborative effort that includes valuable in-person contributions from band members Tom Jobling (guitarist and producer), Rebecca Chambers (vocalist), and Sam West (drums), along with guitarist Jon Wright and drummer Max Saidi, who played their parts online from their respective UK locations. The group’s new album consists of twelve earth-shattering tracks that are bound to catch the attention of industry insiders and music enthusiasts. Scented with an amazing audio canvas of great production and songwriting, Montauk is an album inspired by the Charlie Kaufman movie Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind.

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Montauk Album: Track-by-Track Review

Doom Dust – The Montauk album opens with the bright sounds of Doom Dust. This is a warm pop tune with strong rock overtones that follows a basic structure in song, which is very inviting. Drew Richardson provides a spectacular lead vocal that serves as a narrative internal look at the world. The track’s upbeat tone is made whole by the sounds of acoustic guitar and some excellent drumming.

Fall in Love – A wonderful track with a driving melody and a steady beat that is sure to put listeners in a delightful trance. Fall in Love is a strong pop song with an inventive depth that comes to light through a blanket of amazing harmonies and layers of chorale. Fall in Love delves deep into the subject of how hearts are won.

Hanging Baskets – This track is one of the album’s sparkling treasures. It’s strong organic flavor “feels so good”. The melody is simple but very intoxicating. Montauk demonstrate their musical genius with the creative use of limited instrumentation, which includes acoustic guitar, drums, and piano. Hanging Baskets is a winner!

Welcome to You – An attractive production that cleverly maximizes the composing elements of this song. Welcome to You opens with the lovely language of piano that gradually widens to the full band experience with special emphasis placed on percussion. Welcome to You is done out of appreciation.

Heart Attack – A very catchy tune with equally clever lyrics. The title is strong enough to build a sense of intrigue and awe that can only find its resolve in the music.

Osidius (Just A Girl) –The track opens with vocals by Drew Richardson and Rebecca Chambers accompanied by the sounds of the cello. Osidius (Just A Girl) then transitions to an enchanting rock song. Brilliant!

Love For Sale – A very touching song that is formulated around the theme of infidelity. Love For Sale is built upon a sonic landscape that provides the perfect podium for Drew’s vocal performance.

Eternal Sunshine – A cerebral melody where we get to hear more of Rebecca Chambers vocally. Tastefully performed.

Take Him To Montauk – Flirting with the sounds of folk music, Talk Him To Montauk is a solid offering with a smooth bassline and playful atmosphere. The video for the song is choreographed very well with its unique fill of symbolism.

Tell The Fool – A beautiful song that easily draws up a sentimental mood of the listener and another good example of Montauk’s creative genius.

I Won’t Want To Wake Up With You – This funky snack refreshingly stands to the fore with its soulful overtones and rhythmic bass. Perfect for the dance floor or listening pleasure, this is a groove that you can’t miss.

Dance With The Devil – An electrifying tune and performance by Montauk. As the concluding track on the album, its distinct structure and tremendous rock influenced instrumentation makes Dance With The Devil a perfect ending.

Montauk is a masterpiece and an equally impressive demonstration of the band’s genius. The album is well written and produced with a flavorful sound that has wide appeal. Each track on this project blends perfectly with the symphonious mechanisms of its overall presentation. The sincerity and drive of the band can be felt in every song making its music the fruitage of eternal sunshine.

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