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JackG Proves His Worth With New Rap Album – Mr. Grummett

Rap artist and entrepreneur JackG comes with his own original style of rhyme that puts him on the path of being a household name. As CEO and founder of TruMusic, the native UK rapper wields a flamboyant lifestyle in order to maintain his success by marketing monetary prosperity. Devotees of JackG respect his artistic brand as a source of inspiration for the attainment of their own sense of wealth. This is JackG ladies and gentlemen. His new album titled Mr. Grummett delivers the blood, sweat, and philosophy of JackG’s musical playground to audiences worldwide.

Mr. Grummett is JackG’s fourth album. Comprised of twelve tracks, Mr. Grummett offers fans and newcomers a chance to delve into the dimension of an “international rap star” to see what he has to bring to the world of music. Delightfully, the album expresses a variety of moods and emotions, which work to keep its rhythmic landscape dubbed in modern reality. JackG’s flow and lyricism is filled with braggadocios exploits of the “Hottest Boy Alive,” as some critics have dubbed him. In an era where mumble rap gets a page in Hip Hop history, JackG’s inventiveness enlists a new fashion of deliver that is not trendy, but authentic as to his own position to life.

Mr. Grummett opens with track Royalty. A perfect opener for what is about to follow, Royalty is filled with pure upscale bravado. The song presents an interesting perspective that’s worth entertaining. Should I listen to someone who is rich rap about what they possess versus someone who is not rich, rapping about being rich in order to earn money? This is the topic that Royalty answers.

Following Royalty is the title track Mr. Grummett. One of the best recordings on the album, JackG’s vocal delivery is sensational. This track has a lot of free room for JackG to play with. Appropriate overdubs lend to the topic of some of the challenges that come with being famous. In an old school rap style, We Love JackG is JackG being handsomely caught up with being himself. Many comical metaphors are shared across the horizon of a slamming beat. JackG remains in character with an animated performance in I’m a Gift. This is a bright track musically and features JackG being caught up in himself in a way that only he can pull off. Next, we are hit with a true treasure chest of sound in Sex in the Money. A brilliant concept lyrically, JackG talks about having sex with money. In the end, JackG reminds his audience that he isn’t the only one who finds money attractive.

Liar is one the album’s hottest tracks. Everyone hates a liar. JackG’s flow comes with the raw sing-rap of a drunken monk. The beat is incredible and works as the ear-candy needed for the plate that JackG is about to serve. Tru Everything is a break from much of the album’s formula, but is an intense musical track. Replace the Bihhhh is a cynical presentation. Even in its title we are subliminally told to replace the bihhhh with bitch.

Later in the alum, JackG talks about the relationship he had with his mother in the rap song Mummy. Some of the content and theme of this track is pretty cool. It’s an honest discussion about a man reminiscing about his mother. This is followed by another album gem Court Etiquette. JackG put himself on trial hypothetically in order to measure all the loopholes he can utilize. Court Etiquette is a very entertaining song.

JackG You’re Not Really Rich captures few of the frustrations and jealousy that people use to pit themselves against the rich. JackG sports a different flow than on some of the previous tracks appearing in the album. Million On Me is the final track on the Mr. Grummett album. JackG boasts about “popping pills” and an endless bank account. Take it for what its worth. Many of today’s millionaires are living a euphoric lifestyle to the full.

Mr. Grummett by JackG is an exceptional album and a collector’s item. The music production is tremendous and JackG is determined to make template work. Well done! It would be nice to see a collaboration with JackG and other rap artists in the future. Time will tell what the Don of Trap Music has in store.

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