Originally from in Minneapolis, Fox & Coyote enter the world’s musical stage with a fresh new sound and to their delight, a loyal fan base. Fox & Coyote’s beginnings date back to when the group’s songwriters Ryan Evans and Jonathan Harms met approximately ten years ago. As this musical vibe session labeled “something special” began to complete itself, Katherine Canon (cello, vocals), Grant Gordon (upright bass, electric bass), and Kenny Befus (drums) would soon join the template established by Ryan Evans (lead vocals, guitar) and Jonathan Harms (lead vocals, banjo, keys). Today, this five-piece folk band has made tremendous strides in the development of their musical craft. Fox & Coyote’s gifts shine through their new album, Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed.

Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed is a full-length album featuring eleven great songs. The album begins with an enchanting tune entitled (Don’t Tell Me) There’s Nothing In My Head. An excellent way to open an album, There’s Nothing in My Head demonstrates just how intense Fox & Coyote’s musical recipes can get. Blue Marble follows the album’s first track. This is a very witty tune with lyrics that are poetic and reveals the band’s psychedelic taste. With its unique song structure, Blue Marble comes with an entertaining video that adds to the song’s depth.

The continuity of Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed is impressive to say the least. Fox & Coyote’s symphonic genius sparkles throughout much of the album’s structure and refreshing themes that promote life’s brighter side. Tracks like Any Light and Love Is  ignite our contemplative nature in song. The album’s craftsmanship ends delightfully with the track Bed. Easily an album favorite, Bed brandishes Fox & Coyotes tightness as a band, but also their honest approach to life. With in its rich instrumentation and musical concepts, Scattered Shadows on a Double Bed proves to be a perfect gift for these days and times.

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