Alternative Music

Make Up Your Mind by Kula Bay

If you are looking for a brighter side of rock music then the groove quenching sounds of Kula Bay is definitely where you will find satisfaction. Consisting of members David Hindle (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Matt Carney (lead guitar), Max Wright (bass guitar), and Oli Thomas (backing vocals, drums), the beloved quartet from Manchester offers an exhilarating musical protocol that draws its influence from classic rock, pop, and progressive rock music genres. Kula Bay makes music fun again, something that devotees of the art will appreciate. Kula Bay’s new single Make Up Your Mind is a delightful testimony of the band’s expertise and creativity.

Make Up Your Mind is a bright tune with an easy-to-grasp rhythm. The song has a festive mood that is heavenly enough to charm listeners into inviting the sun out for a dance. Make Up Your Mind wins our hearts with its catchy lyrics and hook. Kula Bay’s harmonies expand upon the song’s simple, yet enchanting structure. David Hindle provides an enthusiastic vocal performance that gives the song an extra boost of warmth. Make Up Your Mind is an easy thing to do when Kula Bay is behind the music.

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