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BlabberMouf Is Putting The Netherlands’ Rap Scene On The Map: On Da Rise

As one of the finest emcees to ever bless the mic, BlabberMouf comes with an incredible flow that will surely brand memories upon listeners. The Netherlands lyricist BlabberMouf is one of the leading emcees in a six-man Hip Hop collective known as Da Shogunz. Produced by Truffle, BlabberMouth’s recent single On Da Rise is a healthy dose of rap ear-candy that fans of the genre have been waiting for.

BlabberMouf brandishes on of the best flows in Hip Hop.

Fortunately, On Da Rise also comes with a brilliant video that does a great job in letting the world feel BlabberMouf’s presence. With rugged words, BlabberMouf proves to be a worthy tour guide of the Netherlands underground scene with a verbal delivery that is reminiscent of rap’s golden era. The video provides a good like at what makes Hip Hop the nostalgic art form that it is in territories outside of the United States. BlabberMouf shoots the breeze par excellence is the best way to start the day.


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