EZ-Q Universe

Soul Volution by EZ-Q Universe: Rap Music For The Times

As a veteran of his craft, producer and rapper EZ-Q Universe brings an impressive array of skills to the rap world in true grown man fashion. EZ-Q Universe’s ambition and sense of integrity takes shape in his art as much as it does his life. The Nigerian-American artist spends much of his time as a motivational speaker and an entertainment lawyer.

EZ-Q Universe drops a new EP in May 2018

EZ-Q Universe is able to merge his street-earned wisdom and genuine life experience into a lyrical mold that is shaped and pattern by rap music’s golden era. EZ-Q Universe draws off the blueprint left by rap music’s first collective, The Native Tongues. EZ-Q Universe’s upcoming EP Soul Volution is testimony of his musical genius and social outlook on life.

Musically, Soul Volution has a real cool organic vibe that flirts cautiously with subgenres of jazz and eclectic soul while still remaining onboard with the finest in rap production. EZ-Q Universe has a way of inviting his audience into the studio with him simply on the invitation of his descriptive flow, which shines on tracks like Hustle To Live and Black Exodus. Other rap songs on the EP like Bhangra Funk, display EZ-Q Universe’s inventiveness. Soul Volution is the stage in Hip Hop evolution sanctioned by a higher power.


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