Real Imaj is a living testimony that relentless ambition equals success. Born LaDarrion Darnell, the multi-talented producer, singer, and songwriter has become the centerpiece of a handsome fan base of devotees that appreciate soulful music. Imaj has been perfecting his craft since the age of twelve. His leap into stardom came in the face of life’s crossroads when challenged with the decision of a secular career versus life as an artist, Imaj knew that his only option was to believe in himself enough to take the musical path.

After releasing a few songs on his own, Imaj caught the attention of Rudy “Coach” Flores, a Grammy-nominated CEO & Dallas Tastemaker “Spank” G. Under their tutelage, Imaj’s career began to unfold. His latest release “Tell Me” is a tremendous song that is sure open ears and doors.

Tell Me by Real Imaj is just what the music world needs.

Tell Me is a fluid song that is organic in its approach. Real Imaj vocals make room for a truly convincing theme of throwing and receiving accolades and gifts from the ladies. It’s just a perfect night out whether it be at the strip club, the night club, or getting to know each other one on one, Tell Me cleverly flirts with various landscapes of man to woman dialogue. Additionally impressive is the instrumentation behind the track. Bright synth sounds and a nice base hit makes Tell Me the perfect track for taking a ride in Imaj’s element. Tell Me is one chapter of what is sure to become Real Imaj’s legacy.

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