Discretion by Bebe

Wallace Smith a.k.a. Bebe embodies the true definition of a Renaissance artist. Originally from Miami, Florida, the multi-talented Bebe has accumulated a wide degree of wisdom from working in the fields of acting, modeling, music, and building an ever-growing fan base as a YouTube personality. Music is Bebe’s life and the cares of passionate melodies bleeds in everything she does. The release of her debut single Discretion marks Bebe’s baptism into the music world while openly transcending the boundaries of genre identification.

Discretion is a soulful tune that carries a message of passion over uncertainty, leaving the worries of the day behind for a moment of intimacy. Bebe pours her heart and soul into this track. Discretion is deliberately seductive in its approach and theme of promoting desire for relief. The instrumentation for Discretion is exceptionally good and echoes arrangements similar to the sounds of Jill Scott. Discretion by Bebe is nothing to hide and may very well be a contender for song of the year.

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