Mulholland Drive is a name that you certainly want to remember. Led by Luke Mulholland, the pop rock band made music history back in 2017 after the release of their self-titled EP. Two singles off the EP entered the Top 40, which is quite a feat for an act that is not signed to a major label.

Originally from Toronto Canada, Luke Mulholland’s passion for music began during his youth. He had the blessed opportunity of being mentored in part by the late guitar legend Jeff Healey. Mulholland’s focus has gifted him with a beautiful array of life experiences that were essential in the development of his craft. He later formed a trio named Mulholland Drive and signed with the independent label Castle Hill Records. The band’s recent single Ocean of Being is something to be heard and really personifies Mulholland Drive’s musical genius.

Ocean of Being by Mulholland Drive is a refreshingly organic tune. The lyrics are poetically impressive and somewhat reminiscent of the Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows. Musically, the track makes brilliant use of its free space, which allows the listener to absorb what’s being said. Ocean of Being speaks loudly with its theme of going within to find self, coupled with a fabulous bassline. What more could you ask for? Mulholland Drive is able to present a relatively deep topic with the ease and charms of good rhythms and song structure. Ocean of Being by Mulholland Drive is just what the soul ordered, another hit.

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