Ed Brown Official is one artist that takes pride in putting his blood, sweat, and tears into his music. The North Carolina based R n’B singer earned his stripes the old-fashioned way, singing in church and studying legends like Stevie Wonder, Jodeci, and other integral names in the genre. In the past year, Brown’s musical endeavors have really taken flight. The sky’s the limit and what is most admirable about Brown’s persona is his unyielding desire to give his audience the “wow effect, “ music so good that it transcends the norm. Brown’s recent remix of the single It’s All Good feat. Greystorm is a perfect example of this.

It’s All Good feat. Greystorm is an intense and flavorful remix of an incredible chart-climbing song. Ed Brown Official’s vocal performance on the track savors the habit of pressing the rewind key. His vocal tone is rich and adds a warm edge to the overall appearance of the song. The remix has a bit more open space that puts the spotlight on Brown’s voice. It’s All Good was written by Ed Brown Official and Greystorm. The remix, which features more of Greystorm’s presence, has additional elements to give a working scenario of love and relationships hope to a generation that suffers pain from abandoning these principles. It’s All Good (remix) is just that and more, which is one reason why we need an artist like Ed Brown Official in our world.

It’s All Good (Remix)

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