Singer, songwriter, and music veteran of twenty-five years, Robert Ashley comes with an original brand of song and a recent career revolution. Over the past two decades, Ashley spent much of his time playing in bands along the Northeast. Now the seasoned musician has taken his musical expertise on the road of solo endeavors. Ashley’s newest single, The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever is creating quite a buzz.

The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever is a clever tune from Rob Ashley’s album Premiere Farewell. Produced by Keller Glass, The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever possesses elements of folk, psychedelic, and rock music genres. The song’s pure acoustic sound is sure to draw audiences who enjoy organic flavored melodies. The lyrics of the song and Ashley’s performance on the track are reminiscent music legend Bob Dylan. The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever poetically explores the meaning of vice on an emotional level. Overall, The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever by Rob Ashley is a masterful work that incites its own addiction, musically.


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