Stone Mob is rock music's new genius.

Stone Mob is rock music’s new genius.

Stone Mob is all about making rock music fun again. The band is set to go on an East Coast tour of the US in early August of 2018. Consisting of members Doug “Earthdog” Masterson (singer/songwriter, guitarist), Blaine “Shred Master General” Kaltman (guitarist, songwriter), Eric Scott (bassist), and Andy Hamburger (drums), Stone Mob is a melting pot of musical veterans that came together in 2017. Since this time the Virginia-based group has made numerous strides in music and has gained a prosperous following of devotees who enjoy a traditional hard rock sound.

Stone Mob’s unique rock style derives from its multi-talented members. The group’s guitarist, Blaine Kaltman a.k.a. Shred Master General has been in Guitar World Magazine and has a huge reputation for his dizzying speed and impossible to play licks. Kaltman is also a published author and holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Singer Doug Masterson is a direct descendant of infamous gunslinger Bat Masterson. He brings to Stone Mob a wealth of life and musical experience after having established a strong reputation in Virginia Beach’s rock and metal scene. One testimony of Stone Mob’s musical genius is made real in their video Dangerous.

Dangerous is a song about when things go wrong, whether it be an affair or a drug deal gone wrong. The energy behind the track is led by a guitar heavy landscape. The track’s intensity is matched by an energetic vocal performance. Dangerous comes with a humorous video that is bound to make you smile. Stone Mob is on the path of fostering a new generation of rock music. As long as the guitars are in good hands Stone Mob’s job will always be something to write about. Please visit Stone Mob’s website for their latest updates.

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