In 2019, the world witnessed the return of the talented Renaissance woman, singer, and songwriter Janet LaBelle. After enjoying an incredible musical journey, LaBelle turned the melodic flames of creativity up another notch with a remarkable three-song EP/maxi-single titled I Only See You, which was released on Loantaka Records on December 4th, 2018.  LaBelle is often noted for her soulful voice and passionate genius as a multi-instrumentalist respectfully. I Only See You unveils a transformative evolution in her expertise, timelessness, and approach to music.

I Only See You is also one of the greatest contributions to the pop music genre to date. The brilliant strivings set forth in the EP’s compositions and brutal emotional testimonies woven with a cynical craftiness of luminous chorale turn this undertaking into a cinematic musical of love’s unnerving agony – (see I Only See You’s full review here). LaBelle’s gift of casting melodic gems is truly actualized in the EP’s second selection When I Hear (Beautiful Music).

When I Hear (Beautiful Music) is not only some of LaBelle’s best work but also endears the importance of music’s influence on our lives and personal relationships. When I Hear (Beautiful Music) totes a nostalgic groove that lets the listener into the heart of the composer only to find themselves staring into the mirror of their own soul. The track’s instrumentation is enchanting and possesses a clean dreaminess that reinforces the song’s mood of innocence. LaBelle’s voice is superb as always, but in this case, in particular, we get to experience a heightened level of her range. When I Hear (Beautiful Music) is an absolute masterpiece! It is with great honor that I am happy to announce When I Hear (Beautiful Music) by Janet LaBelle as the recipient of Warlock Asylum International News 2020 Song of the Year Award! We wish Janet LaBelle all the best in the year ahead.

Warlock Asylum International News 2020 Song of the Year Award: When I Hear (Beautiful Music) by Janet LaBelle

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