With a key in the door about to be a household name voice, singer and songwriter Shuba is taking the music world by storm with her new EP titled Around Me. The Chicago native has worked hard while walking along the road of paying dues to give the music world a real treasure chest that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking. What I find most charming about Shuba is her practical approach to song. Shuba is a very socially aware human being and uses her musical talents to uplift and inspire.


Around Me is a exceptional EP and an amazing debut effort by Shuba. Consisting of four songs, Around Me brandishes an organic sound that is pop-centered, but flirts heavily with genres of R&B and Hip-Hop. The EP opens with the song Stupid. A very beautifully produced song, Stupid touches a wide audience with its theme of relationships and the challenges we have to face. Shelf, the second track on the EP, follows with a fitting male rap in the opening of the song. The production on Shelf is amazing and we really get to hear Shuba expand her vocal range and develop some very inventive choruses.

Shuba has a unique talent of making you feel like she is talking to you while singing to you. This gift really shines through on Tear Soaked Pillow. One of my favorite tracks on the EP, Tear Soaked Pillow comes with brilliant instrumentation that perfectly shapes the road that Shuba drives upon so elegantly with a top-notched vocal performance. Around Me ends with the closing tracking Somebody Misses You. A perfect concluding track, Shuba goes to work the way any singer with lungs seeks to impress their audience with a piano and voice. No one else needs to be in the room. The Around Me EP is Shuba’s way of blowing a kiss to her audience in the form of a masterpiece.

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