It all begins when the falsified issues of Blackness fall into the laps of the broke fake “stay woke” advocates. These pros never had their hands in applied sciences, let alone see the trick. “God wants love and the Devil wants hate,” so the more you hate the more ungodly you are. And this is the education that the educated say the uneducated need. Still, not knowing how to read and write, these words are often misinterpreted for scholastic endeavors. Next, comes the topic of sex. For what it’s worth colonialism sought to prevent “interracial marriages.” Okay that was in the past.  But now we see a resurgence in those who advocate colonialism among the black race.

Can A Person Be Pro-Black And In An Interracial Relationship?

Sexual segregation has brought up a few questions. The most prominent of 2018 being, can a person be pro-Black and in an interracial relationship? In order to answer this question, we first have to define interracial and pro-Black. You see in all fairness most black people in America are in an interracial relationship with themselves. They possess European surnames, speak in European languages and spend exuberant sums of money on European products, even their concept of race and how it is defined, who is who, was given to black people by Europeans, specifically predecessors of the Nazi Party. If a white woman were to marry a black man of this caliber, it is safe to say that she is not in an interracial relationship because the man who she is marrying comes in the name of her European ancestors. In order for a couple of this type to be truly labeled as an interracial union, the man must come in his own name, and the efforts that it takes to do such will usually place him in the position of choosing someone who he spiritually connects with as his bride.

The best thing that black people can do is to relinquish their belief in race, which was acquired from European colonizers. Remember, all those conspiracy books and theories about an approaching one-world religion? Regardless, if you are Christian, Jew, Muslim, or etc., your belief in race supersedes every religion in the world, literally, the “mark of the beast.” Race is the religion of the New World Order. It’s a way to get you to worship someone else’s ancestors. Only a slave, white or black, could ever hold a belief in race. A big middle finger goes up to all the sexual segregationalists.

Instead of truly staying “woke” you keep falling victim to social traps America. Taking the idea of race from colonizers, like scraps from the master’s table and making it into a “culture” so much so that you are now trapped inside yourself by this same false idea. Go ahead and fill your plates up with as much victimization as you want and don’t forget the free $200 dollar pair of sneakers! The whole world is waiting for the black race to do something spectacular. Perhaps be the first group of people who do not believe in race. But instead, like Patrick Ewing’s finger roll attempt, we keep faking the funk and missing the goal. We allow our perception and relationship with the divine to become clouded over dreams of equality. True equality is when one or more people have the same survival skills set. The false sense of equality that is promoted in today’s world reinforces constant comparison to someone else’s condition rather than establishing and maintaining our grounds for survival. So yes a person can be pro-Black and in an interracial relationship. However, it is important that the majority of black people realize that they too are in an interracial relationship with themselves.

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  1. “she is not in an interracial relationship because the man who she is marrying comes in the name of her European ancestors. ”

    I love it, great work brother!

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