Danjul debut album Origin Of Times is a masterpiece!

Singer and songwriter Danjul and music producer Matthew A. Nelson have put together a tremendous pop album that outshines its own genre. Origin Of Times is Danjul’s debut album, an offering that took nearly three years to complete and based on the quality of the work, time is truly its greatest testimonial. Danjul’s blossoming success is attributed to his self-motivation and raw talent.

Danjul is a self-made artist, who taught himself the crafts of dancing, singing, and songwriting despite not having the financial backing as a youth to explore the depths of these studies. In 2008, Danjul began to take a serious interest in the development of his musical career, working with various producers until meeting Matthew Nelson in 2010. Danjul’s work with Nelson led to the discovery of an unprecedented sound, which the Origin Of Times album embodies.


Origin Of Times: Track by Track Review

Released in the fall of 2017, Origin Of Times by Danjul is composed of eight cinematic pop tracks. With its remarkable production, coupled with Danjul’s voice and songwriting skill, makes listening to Origin Of Times a truly transcendental experience. The album opens with the intro track Origin. The track’s heavenly chorus and classical instrumentation puts us on the edge of our seats in expectation for what is about to follow, Danjul’s entrance into our world.

City of Chaos starts off with a nice synth lead. Immediately, listeners will gravitate to how huge the instruments sound and “the need to hear everything” is well beyond a satisfactory level. Through the eyes of Danjul, listeners can ascertain that the City of Chaos is a description of day-to-day life. Rising above the haters always makes for a masterpiece in sound.

Chapter Of Love is a clever and witty song that incorporates elements of R&B into its landscape. Danjul’s vocal performance is an incredible display of high-energy flawlessness. The music video for Chapter Of Love is just as phenomenal as the record and shows off Danjul’s swag, which greatly resembles the legendary Prince. The Chapter Of Love is definitely an album gem. Darn, he closed the book!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Danjul takes us on The Path, a track that is just as free musically as its chorus suggests. The Path comes with some amazing hints of dance music that adds a considerable amount of flavor to Origin Of Times’ album continuity. Following The Path is a charming love song titled Story of She. This is a catchy tune that is soulful and inventive. It’s warmth and easy-to-follow harmonies make for a perfect rewind-button addiction.

Magic Carpet does well in transporting audiences into a world painted by the voice of Damjul. Magic Carpet makes for the perfect musical escape while driving along the highway on summer nights or just relaxing in the living room. Truly, a heavenly sound, Magic Carpet is effective in its aim of taking us to a better place emotionally and is inspired by Danjul’s love for the works of Disney.

Tower is somewhat a mystical track. The symbolism of the Tower card in the Tarot seems to run concurrently with the theme of this song. A falling tower means approaching hard times. Danjul ingeniously is able to create a complete orchestral visual for us to contemplate as our plan of getting back up after the fall. The music for Tower is a bit more erratic than the other material on the album but works well with the song’s theme.

Maddhatter’s View is the closing track on this exceptional offering. Of course, the title alone is intriguing enough for a first listen, then when you hear Maddhatter’s View you’ll know the time has come to make plans for another hearing. One of the brightest tracks on the album, Danjul leaves his essence with a bang and a positive messenger for listeners. Don’t stop dreaming!

Origin Of Times by Danjul can only be counted as a masterpiece and everything more. Danjul’s debut album is his ticket to becoming a household name. This is an album that should be studied for its craftsmanship by universities and other branches of academia. Danjul’s artistic endeavors have put in him in league with legends that have risen above the realms of classification and were given the freedom and respect to share their world with ours and for that, we are truly indebted. Thank you Danjul!



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