Be On Time (song)

Be On Time by Brother Jon Band

Brother Jon Band has a pure organic sound that is rich in flavor and a chord of vitality that is both charming and nostalgic for lovers of the blues and classic rock music genres. Brother Jon is an independent musician who has been touring, gigging and writing music for quite some time. Consisting of band members Mike Liska, Adam Lain, Rich Farris, Dan Rheaume, Phil Snell, and Jon Rabideaux, Brother Jon Band hails from the beloved city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In recent years, the group has made some tremendous strides, which includes winning the 2016 Famous Dave’s battle of the bands. Along with other honors, Brother Jon Band has released the single titled Be On Time.

Be On Time is a single off of Brother Jon Band’s debut album Open Jam. Be On Time is a refreshing tune that offers a nice array of acoustic guitars, harmonica, and some rock guitar leads that all add up to a gorgeous sound. Be On Time is classic rock warm and has a strong commercial appeal while not losing its blues symphonic integrity. Be On Time expresses a theme that we can all understand, which is simply about being on time. Be On Time by Brother Jon Band is a sensational tune that is sure to be a heartwarming song for good times.



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