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Suitable For Public Consumption by Exquisite Noise Records

Exquisite Noise Records and Publishing is an outfit that is dedicated to documenting the world’s underground music experience. Based out of Statesville, North Carolina, Exquisite Noise Records has helped many underground artists gain a presence in the larger music community since it’s founding in 1991. Exquisite Noise Records’ latest project is entitled Suitable For Public Consumption: Exquisite Sampler No. 5, a fourteen-track compilation album featuring the recordings of many of the label’s newest and oldest artists still on its roster.

Suitable For Public Consumption was engineered to sound like a movie soundtrack. This compilation has a lot of exotic tastes and cynical moments that devotees of anything from alternative rock to electronic music will find enjoyable. Exquisite Noise Records and Publishing have put together a tremendous album with some awesome featured artists.

Exquisite Noise Records – Suitable For Public Consumption

Suitable For Public Consumption: Track by Track Review

Menthol by Goofy GuysSuitable For Public Consumption opens with the ingeniously experimental track Menthol by Goofy Guys. Filled with prose, Menthol can best be described as a minimalist song with an erratic structure, and nice hints of piano improvisation but works well as a smoker’s track.

Walk The Land by Key Machine is an electrifying tune. Filled with overtones of psychedelic rock, Key Machine adds depth to this compilation’s lineup with its hazy spell of blackout guitar rhythms that visually describe a club filled with rockers that is not closing till at least 6:00 a.m. Key Machine is always a winner.

Sociopath by Hagiphonic is a tune that I had the privilege of reviewing back in April of this year. This is one of my favorite tracks on Suitable For Public Consumption and is an inventive display of electronic music. Sociopath makes clever use of voice samples that are able to build a lovely conversation in dialogue with a pulsating beat and a funky bassline.

Save My Poor Soul by Zach Lunsford is a tremendous country song that is somewhat experimental in its approach and genre. Zach’s voice has a charming appeal that is sure to draw the listener into the fold of the album. What I like about Save My Poor Soul is that it manages to make some cutting edge strides with simple instrumentation. Country music never sounded so avant-garde until now!

The Hunter by Alex Fehr is a brilliant merge of electronic and rock music genres. This tune is an instrumentalist track that proves to be a conversation between keyboards and guitar. Breathtakingly warm, The Hunter is able to successfully carry its own weight.

Finding Myself by Zayed Hassan is a beautiful song that adds a bit of exotic flavor to the album. Although Finding Myself maybe classified in the genre of electronic music, the track builds its nest from an array of organic instrumentation, mostly of Asian stock.

Delightfully, Suitable For Public Consumption features several genres of music. Struggles by Frank Medley is a grassroots tune that falls under the genre of the blues music. The song has a powerful message that speaks out against drug addiction. Struggles is a very compelling tune and another album favorite. It has a down-home sound but makes good use of its free space musically.

What Will Be by The Gold Needles adds the delights of classic and progressive rock that fits the landscape of this compilation album. Vocally, the song has strong harmonies reminiscent of the 60’s era and bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Musically, What Will Be wields a retro sound, which is sure to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

Bullshit by Bishop Robinson & Steve Blood – This track opens with a funky hometown groove that is delightful for all. Bullshit contains elements of blues, jazz, and progressive rock. If you enjoy soul food, then this tune will satisfy your hunger.

Why No Love Me by Rota is an interesting song that consists mainly of vocals, drums, and bass. The vocals are recorded in an electro-funk pattern that gives the song a charming taste of life.

Jam #4 by Quigley G. was recorded in the mid-90’s and is probably the rawest production on Suitable For Public Consumption. Jam #4 is a live session in every sense of the term, which makes for a groovy rocker’s experience.

Bill Kimes is a rock music historian and a great musician. You Do Your Life (live) has all the musical trimmings to make even listening to this “living room concert” performance nothing less than a memorable experience. You Do Your Life courts our attention with an acoustic guitar and the voice of Bill Kimes. That’s all we need to make this song a vibrant gym in the process.

Action Sequence by FM Creeps is another basement tune that falls into the category of experimental ambient music. With a steady drum in the background, we find random sparks of an indecisive guitar that makes this situation attractive.

Skulls by Lions of March concludes the Suitable For Public Consumption compilation album. This track captures experimental rock at its finest. With abrupt transitions and a solid song structure, Skulls by Lions of March is a brilliant conclusion to a masterful compilation.

Suitable For Public Consumption is a great compilation album that will one day enter the ranks of being a collector’s item. Music enthusiasts and fans with exquisite tastes in melody will find this album enchanting and a great sonic venture.

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