V.K. Jehannum is down-to-earth occultist and specialist of Qlipphotic Alchemy. His website that carries the flag of his magical name is one of the best resources online that offers practical insights and advice for practitioners of the primordial rites. V.K. has a very easy-to-follow writing style that makes some of the deeper aspects of yin spirituality much more accessible. V.K.’s brutal honesty gives warmth to the website’s scholarship and works well in making a heartfelt connection between the author and reader.

Another feature of the V.K. Jehannum website that readers will enjoy is its navigation tool. This is one of the few occult websites that is delightfully well-organized. V.K.’s menu is self-explanatory and covers subjects such as the qlipphoth, paganism, magical ritual, and host of other rare topics that are rarely discussed in public circles. The layout and design of the V.K. Jehannum website tastefully compliments its subscribers with a color scheme appropriate with its subject matter. V.K. Jehannum makes and intelligent offer for the smart occultist.

5 thoughts on “V.K. Jehannum: A Worthy Resource For Occultists

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Informative, intelligent, all without the pomposity that many writers, bloggers, and other websites tend to manifest.

  2. Just dropping by real quick to tell you I’ll be working with the Simon Necronomicon soon and documenting the experience on YouTube. Idk if seeing that will interest you, but my first video is here. I’ve had some interesting experiences just reading the book, which is what I delineate in the video.

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