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Dancer Trevon Lavelle Reed Has Got The Beat

The art of dance has always been with us and has long been revered for its purposes of celebration, entertainment, and praise. Based out of Mississippi, Trevon Lavelle Reed is a modern-day pioneer of the art form. Treveon’s love for dance began early in his youth. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota to a family that included three brothers and a set of loving parents, who gave Trevon a nurturing foundation and support needed to fulfill his life’s dreams.

 Trevon began his career on Lifetime’s hit show BRING IT. Since appearing on the show, opportunities for further expansion of Trevon’s career present themselves daily. Trevon remains motivated with the hopes of one day opening his own dance studio, making an appearance on America’s Got Talent, dancing for celebrities, and being recognized as one of the world’s premier dancers. Some of Trevon’s artistic influences include the legendary Michael Jackson and more recently Willdabeast. His passion for dance coupled with the desire to make something better out of life keeps him on the path of prosperity. You can expect to hear good things from Trevon Reed as he keeps his eyes on the prize.