As a lifetime missionary of soul music, singer and songwriter Rachel Marie Moore a.k.a. Yona Marie is a beautiful songstress with an impeccable voice. Growing up in the Maryland/D.C. area, Yona developed her artistic flare in early childhood by singing at church with her family and engaging in the performing arts during her grade school years. Yona graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in Music Business.  She has worked in and around the music industry, releasing several records tracks with amicable success, and has since developed into a reputable independent artist with a following. Yona’s latest single entitled My Soulful baby is perfection at its finest.

My Soulful Baby’s organic appeal is just what the doctor order for musical devotees who have long-awaited the return of the time when talent not gimmicks ruled the music industry. My Soulful Baby draws its ingredients from blues, jazz, and r&b music genres. The track’s slow tempo and thick bassline makes its landscape a perfect runway for Yona’s paradisiac vocal performance. My Soulful Baby is able to capture the ebb and flow that makes life in a relationship tomorrow morning’s smile.



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