Timberline and Mountain by Forest Robots

Forest Robots is an amazing electronic music composer that really reaches into the craters of sound to bring to the organic center of the melodies he so wonderfully composes to the forefront. Earlier this year, I had the honor of interviewing Forest Robots in conjunction with the release of his album Supermoon Moonlight Part One. Fran Dominguez a.k.a. Forest Robots returns nearly eight months later with a new LP entitled Timberline and Mountain Crest.

Forest Robots’ latest offering is a masterful album composed of ten soulfully crisp tracks. Timberline and Mountain Crest is a whole new vibe for Forest Robots. Yes, we still get that rich exuberant sound that we find in Supermoon Moonlight Part One. However, Forest Robots thickens the plot with the Timberline and Mountain Crest album by incorporating elements of R&B, along with other orchestral treats that find their way into the electronic landscape of the album. Tracks like Where The Wild Summer Storms Run and When The Forest Leaves Begin To Change are great examples of Timberline and Mountain Crest’s versatility.

Another album gem is Through The Trees and Into Wide Open Landscapes. This track has a music video that features various scenarios which run accord with the tapestry of its sound. Overall, Timberline and Mountain Crest by Forest Robots is an unparalleled work of artistic brilliance and musical depth. This album is a vital contribution to the world of music.

Timberline and Mountain Crest on Bandcamp

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