Bill Abernathy has had an amazing journey as a singer and songwriter. As a lifelong native of Kansas City, Missouri, Bill fell in love with music at an early age. During his teenage years, he began writing songs and playing music up until he started a family. Afterward, Bill’s focus shifted towards his domestic responsibilities of having a wife, raising children, business, and career. Bill’s hiatus from music would end shortly after his children finished school.

Bill’s reemergence into the music world is heralded by his signature storytelling style of song which is a prolific feature of his treasured inventiveness. Bill’s latest album Crossing Willow Creek represents a reinvention of sorts and an opportunity to explore a new road of chorale.

Crossing Willow Creek is a full-length effort composed of eleven songs. Bill’s traditional rock stirrings cleverly incorporate elements of the blues, country, and folk. It’s a beautiful collection of music that serves up some timely gems like Whiskey Road and Any Port In A Storm. Crossing Willow Creek turns out to be a rock purists’ dream and an incredible offering from Bill Abernathy.

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