Based out of Dallas, Texas, Blue Apollo proves to be one of the fiercest bands to step on the music scene in recent years. Consisting of members Luke Nassar (guitars, vocals), Rodman Steele (bass), JP Labastida (guitar), and Jeremiah Jensen (drums), Blue Apollo has created a crafty sound by implementing a variety of elements into their creative process, including influences from the blues, pop, and soul music genres. Luke Nassar, Jeremiah Jensen, and Rodman Steele originally formed Blue Apollo during their time at Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts. The band’s latest release entitled Youth is the first single from Blue Apollo’s upcoming EP When You Ask For Rain, and possesses all the grassroots expertise signature of the group’s style.

Youth is a vibrant pop song with strong rock overtones. The energy of the track is brilliant and brandishes a nice guitar lead. Youth’s theme centers on discovering the magic of love, something that we all embellish. Luke Nassar has a warm voice and provides a charming performance. Youth has an uplifting and moving energy, which is credited to how well Blue Apollo works together. Youth is perfect in its presentation is one of the few love’s songs that is able to capture the joy of this blissful experience.

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