Occultism shaped the Modern World, especially the Internet in ways you wouldn’t believe if I told you. The Internet is powered into every ones home through an Ethernet cord. Ether is found in the Human’s Bone Marrow. In Ancient times and Old Europe, Ether’s Alchemical principle represented The Human Soul. As all of Humans information is transferred through the Ethernet we literally have given our Sol as both Architect and Inmate of the Internet. This Life force of technology would not be in place if it wasn’t for humans overt sexual desire, love neglect of each other and our inherent perversions. Nonetheless, it is here with us. This is the metaphysical principle that brings life to all things: Sex, mans first and most healthiest form of Euphoria. To put the cherry on top in the 1300’s the Devils assistants were being called Satellites and Minions.

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  1. The “ethernet chord”, brilliant!

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