Often described as “a Texas girl with a New York City vibe,” singer and songwriter Urica Rose is a Renaissance woman of symphonious charm. During her teenage years, Urica began to take music more seriously after her mother overheard the songstress singing back and forth with a friend, but mistakenly thought it was someone singing on television. Coupled with a good work ethic and the inspiration she received from legendary acts like Aretha Franklin, Prince, and Janis Joplin, Urica began to evolve as an artist. Today, Utica Rose is admired for her musical ingenuity and eclectic sound as a stage performer. Freedom (From Dying) is a perfect example of the soulful diva’s melodious endeavors.

Freedom (From Dying) is an epic song that epitomizes the beauty of Urica Rose’s voice and depth of lyrical professionalism. As evident from the track’s title, Urica Rose is able to examine through song many of the political and social elements that threaten our basic rights as human beings. The organic nature of the ballad’s instrumentation gives this alternative rock masterpiece the cinematic backdrop needed to embrace the compelling imagery painted by Urica’s vocals. Freedom (From Dying) is an enchanting hymn that possesses a spirited message from Urica Rose that is both entertaining and empowering.

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