Based out of Portland, Oregon, Lounge Act Jam is a musically-innovative project with an exceptional sound that works as a sort of fusion, often merging elements from different genres in an experimental but structurally coherent manner. The project is spearheaded by the genius of Alan Yang, who plays all the instruments and writes all the songs, literally a one-man band.

Lounge Act Jam’s newest offering is a ten-track album titled Diabolical. The album has some great songs that are weaved together in raw form and fashion. Much of the material is led by acoustic guitar and Alan Yang singing on the tracks. Diabolical possesses an uncompromising synergy that is backed by its cerebral lyricism.

Diabolical Track-by-Track Review

1-Pluto Waits For Nothing – Diabolical opens with this trippy and equally experimental gem. Like its title suggests, Pluto Waits For Nothing puts the listener out on the edge of the solar system with no way of turning back. It’s an excellent track and a very inventive way to introduce the collection that follows.

2-Idea of Me – I love the guitar strums of this grassroots’ melody. After opening the door to another world with Pluto Waits For Nothing, listeners get to see that this path is truly an internal journey as set forth in Idea of Me.

3-Afterparty – Lounge Act Jam continues on its acoustic instrumentation on this loosely-knit composition. Afterparty has a vibe of just walking home in the open air and playing what comes to mind. As an audience, Afterparty brilliantly lets listeners into the room and really get to know Lounge Act Jam on a musical level.

4-Shine (Interlude) – A very capturing interlude that has a nice touch of echo and harmonization.

5-Violent Love – One of my favorite tracks on the album. It has a tasteful melody that immediately draws us around the campfire of its composition. Big thumbs up!

6-Memories (In My Head) – A beautifully composed piece that features some very soulful acoustic guitar strums. The song is mixed so that we hear more on the vocals, which adds greatly to the depth of the song.

7-Dwell (Rest Your Soul) {Live in Sanctuary} – Lounge Act Jam takes the garage sound to another level with this treasure chest of melody. The song has a wonderful structure and mends varying measures throughout its composition. Very impressive.

8-Hanging In The Air (In Your Dream You Could Breathe Again) -This is one track that seems to optimize much of the poetic imagery and lyricism we find throughout the album. It’s a great tune that also extends itself in a very free-spirited way.

9-Live Through Spring– A very dreamy offering that captures our attention with an enlarged heavenly sound. It’s a smooth groove with a nice taste of guitar. Another favorite!

10-Destiny, Paradise! – Lounge Act Jam brings the curtain down with this truly inspiring guitar-driven track. The title is very fitting, and the guitar lead speaks its own language of beautiful thoughts and even seems to act as a mental guide for the accompanying vocals. Lounge Act Jam presents some soul-searching metaphors that work well with this song.

Diabolical by Lounge Act Jam reminds me of the approach that the Beatles took when recording the White Album. Very few artists are able to bare their souls by simply recording music the old-fashioned way, performing it without studio tricks. Lounge Act Jam’s Diabolical plays like a conversation and performance between the artist and the guests that they have invited into their homes and for that Lounge Act Jam truly deserves a standing ovation for such artistic hospitality.

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