Noted for her work as an artistic humanitarian and woman of the faith, Destiny 333 uses music as a tool for uplifting others. The self-worth architect has dedicated an immense part of her livelihood in helping others reach their dreams. Destiny 333 is the Executive Director of Rize, an organization created to ignite hope back into the lives of others, influencing self-worth and completeness. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, two master’s in counseling with life coaching as a cognate and is currently working on a doctoral program. Destiny 333’s motivational principles are the seedlings of her new song Wake Up.

Wake Up is a daring, yet innovating song that encourages us to make the best of ourselves. Despite the obstacles and pitfalls that we may face in life, each day is an opportunity to turn things around is the core of Destiny 333’s message. Wake Up’s organic landscape creates a blissful atmosphere that allows the listener to focus on what is being said. Destiny 333 provides a masterful spoken word performance that is compelling and intelligent. Wake Up is a powerful anthem of healing and self-renewal.


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