Based out of Toronto, Canada, Iranian composer and pianist Arash Behzadi is making his way into the realm of becoming a household name with a distinct style in musical composition that is heartfelt and compelling. Behzadi is able to stir a visual portrait of the human experience in the language of the piano. The grammar of his musical compositions is like no other. Hearing Behzadi playing the piano is nothing short of a spiritual experience, as the instrumentalist often incorporates principles of yoga into his music. Behzadi has played in Geneva, New York, the World Trade Centre Club in Dubai, the Tirgan Festival in Toronto (the largest cultural Iranian festival in the world) and at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. Behzadi’s latest release titled Last Sigh is a symphonious testimony of his musical expertise.

Last Sigh is a masterful composition with strong mystical overtones. I found the Last Sigh to be a dramatic piece that takes the listener through various emotions but is wrapped in inspiration. The video for the Last Sigh captures the cremation of 96-year-old Anak Agung Niang Agung who died in January 2018. She was the wife of the last king of Ubud, a hugely important historical figure in this remarkable area of Bali. The video’s cinematography enhances its power of enchantment. Last Sigh by Arash Behzadi turns out to be a breath of fresh air for all who are attuned to the beat of the universe.

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