Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, award-winning musician Matthew Mayer is a gifted composer who is known for the intricate conversations and dialogue that he is able to produce through his favorite instrument of choice. Mayer’s work as a solo pianist is incredibly transcendent of age or trend. His original piano song Beyond was ranked by Spain’s Reviews New Age Company as one of the Top 50 Piano Songs written of all-time. The craftsmanship of Mayer’s musical expertise is captured in his new album titled Beautiful You.

Beautiful You is a masterpiece of its own genre. Consisting of twelve emotionally stirring compositions, Beautiful You speaks to our hearts and minds through solo piano to the consciousness of the world. Mayer so eloquently paints musical landscapes of everyday life with tracks like You Are Enough and Ordinary Way. Each composition on the album is its own story in the consciousness of time. Beautiful You by Matthew Mayer is the long-awaited artistic mirror that we inspire to glance upon.

Beautiful You on Bandcamp

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