Based out of San Marcos, Texas, the inventive singer and songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick is the creator of his own “free range” musical style that incorporates blues, folk, and classic rock music genres over an Americana landscape. Ranzel X Kendrick is able to fuse much of his life’s experience as a native Texan into song. His single Crazy Love is an endearing expression of the music veteran’s creativity.

Crazy Love is off of Ranzel X Kendrick’s recent album titled Texas Cactus. The song turns out to be an organic gem that is led by the craftiness of acoustic guitar and Ranzel X Kendrick’s heartwarming performance in song. His approach to chorale is timeless and breeds a certain innocence in its nature that is melodic and soothing. Crazy Love by Ranzel X Kendrick heralds an experience in true love.

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