Every time I hear Leah Capelle’s voice I fall in love with music all over again. The award-winning songwriter has a knack for carving out a place in the hearts of popular music fans. Among the many accolades she has received, Capelle was recently awarded 2018 Popular Music Song of the Year by our very own Warlock Asylum International News for her hit single Better Off. Today, we find the Chicago native still hard at work as shown by the release of her latest single Out of Love.

Out of Love is a dynamic tune off the upcoming Giants EP, which is due for release on September 21st, 2018. Out of Love expresses a depth of inventiveness by Leah Capelle that is rarely actualized by today’s musician. Capelle embraces the climb of greatness by becoming a musical spokesperson for what many have experienced in relationships left undone. Capelle is able to reinvent her creative process with a song that describes a challenge made from one lover to another in testing the waters outside of the relationship. Out of Love easily invites us into its dimension with an organic landscape that is spectacular in its structure and method. Out of Love signals Capelle’s growth and evolution that resonates with us all.


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