Floss (feat. Herman Jones) by Kaneo

Floss (feat. Herman Jones) by KANEO

KANEO – Rap Music’s New Unsung Hero

The epilogue of the unsung hero has reached new expectations in the rap world. As one of the genre’s up and rising stars, Jerry Jerome Powell Jr. a.k.a. KANEO is catching some heavy accolades for his lyrical skills and cannonball flow. Raised by his mother in Jackson Cedar Hill neighborhood in North Jackson, KANEO was able to make the best out of a disadvantaged situation by placing his focus on creating music, a passion that he first explored as an adolescent. Today, KANEO’s hard work and efforts are finally reaping rewards. His new single Floss (feat, Herman Jones) is a strong testimony of KANEO’s ingenuity.

Floss is available on all digital platforms. It’s hitting smooth groove proves to be a perfect introduction and calling card to KANEO”S distinct verbal style and content. The track’s deep bass and electro-instrumentation is tantalizing enough to hypnotize listeners. Herman Jones puts the icing on the cakes with a fiery song-sung hook, making Floss one of the finest love rap songs ever recorded. KANEO’s performance and vocal tone are enough to keep rap purists checking for more.

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