6 Feet Under (song)

6 Feet Under by LeeMann Bassey

The multi-talented full-time model, singer, songwriter, and visual artist LeeMann Bassey has given new meaning to the phrase six feet under. In his new song titled 6 Feet Under, the gifted artist from Long Island draws a comparison between the standards for professional modeling and the imperfections of life that we all must face. Traditionally, models are six feet in height or taller and seen as a standard of beauty. There are people who wish to have a career in modeling but may not possess the physical characteristics for the job. All of us face some things that we wish to change but may not be able to shift. It is within this framework that 6 Feet Under by LeeMann Bassey speaks to us all.

6 Feet Under immediately captures our attention with its delightful song structure and lead jazz guitar. 6 Feet Under courageously flirts with elements of the blues, jazz, and neo-soul that serve as a compliment to Bassey’s overall organic presentation. Bassey’s unorthodox, yet charming style of chorale is able to pull listeners from their seats and into the presence of the vocalist himself. 6 Feet Under will be included on Bassey’s double single “Colored” available on October 31st, 2018. Bassey is not only capable of sharing some encouraging words by means of his music, but can also reach and heal the hearts of his audience through a melody.

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