Alternative Music

I Am The Dark by Troy Petty

Originally from Chicago, singer and songwriter Troy Petty has grafted a unique sound filled with awesome lyricism and some very innovative musical concepts. Recently, Petty has teamed up with the three-time Grammy-nominated drummer and producer, Ken Coomer, to record the full-length album entitled Director’s Cut, due for release in Spring 2019 under German label Dachshund Records. His first single from the forthcoming album, titled I am The Dark is due to be released on October 26th, 2018.

I am The Dark is a tremendous song that can be best classified as alternative pop. While the song follows all the measures of traditional rock music and Americana, I am The Dark possesses an amazing percussion style of tribal drums merged with blazing guitar riffs and the handsome glamour of Petty’s voice, making its presentation memorably impressive. I am The Dark is colored with poetic words that cover the topic of judging other people. This is one rock tune that offers a full plate of melodious amenities, which are renewed and increasingly appreciated each time we listen to the song and the depth of its instrumentation. I am The Dark by Troy Petty is one winner that you do not want to miss.

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