Originating from Austin, Texas, songstress Victoria Celestine returns to the musical arena with another single from her masterful Wasted Tears EP titled Alive. Many of our regular readers will remember last month’s review of Celestine’s Good Heart To Hide. Gifted with a powerful voice and profound feminine charm, Celestine is a fountain of raw talent bursting at the seams. While much of her material may follow the format of simple song structure, it is Celestine’s musical expertise and intense need to create an atmosphere for her voice to walk upon that adds an uncanny distinction to everything she touches.

Alive provides Celestine with the opportunity to express her sentiments about a romantic relationship that bounces back and forth but makes the soulful diva feel “alive” when things are set right The track’s instrumentation has a lot of free space, which is cleverly absorbed by Celestine’s approach to the song. Celestine makes listeners feel Alive like the air that we breathe. Alive by Victoria Celestine is everything we need from music and so much more.

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