Wrote You A Song by The Limiters

Based out of the Netherlands, The Limiters possess an innovative rock sound that sets the group on its own course to success. The Limiters are a musical trio consisting of members Lesley Warendorff (lead vocals/guitar), Benjamin Lampe (drums), and Josine van der Splinter (bass guitar). The group’s genius is handsomely expressed in their new single titled Wrote You A Song.

Produced by EriK Schurman and recorded at Bullet Studios, Wrote You A Song has an organic feel that is delightful and reveals much of what The Limiters have to offer musically. The track starts off with a driving beat, a groovy bassline, accented with guitar language. Wrote You A Song has a warm melody that beautifully blossoms from its underlining structured. Adding to the song’s sense of omnipresence is a superb vocal performance by Lesley Warendorrf that is somewhat reminiscent of U2’s Bono, while still maintaining The Limiter’s original style of chorale. Wrote You A Song by The Limiters is one of the best things to happen to rock music this year.

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