And I Told Her So (from the EP "Thnx For The Ride")

Gifted musician and songwriter Rhett Repko is trailblazing a monumental banquet of rock music cuisine. I had the honor of reviewing his single Thnx For The Ride this past September 2017. Repko’s work ethic earns a place of admiration in the hearts of everyone who understands the depth of what quality means. The post-modern rock genius is onboard for a life of creating a memorable sound with the new single, And I Told Her So.

And I Told Her So (from the EP “Thnx For The Ride”)

And I Told Her So is a brilliant love song produced with very crafty classic rock overtones. It’s a catchy tune that brandishes some unique musical layers. Repko’s skill as a songwriter is impeccable! And I Told Her So possesses an amazing guitar lead and backing acoustic elements that is sure to make listeners remember this experience. And I Told Her So easily demonstrates the beauty of Americana rock music with global appeal.

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  1. Thanks so much for the incredible review. You really tap into my vision for music. Much love. <3

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