The multi-talented KharYsma Arafat Nzaba is one artist whose musical ambitions have landed him upon the shores of international notoriety. The French-speaking rap artist and a noted author is on the verge of releasing a new single titled Why Do Not We Fall In Love.

Flyer best of kharYsma et single why do not fall in love

Set to be released on November 15th, 2018, Why Do Not We Fall In Love is the first single off the “Des rimes en or” (I’m Back) album, which will be released a month after the single. Why Do Not We Fall In Love features the lyrical expertise of mega rap star Rick Ross. Why Do Not We Fall In Love is a colorful musical track with an original soundscape, coupled with a simple, yet charming song structure. The track opens with a catchy hook from KharYsma that is full of sincerity. This opening is followed by some explosive bars from Rick Ross, which sets the stage for KharYsma to begin his verbal onslaught of thorough and witty rap diction. Why Do Not We Fall In Love will surely give rap purists a taste of nostalgia and promise that only KharYsma Arafat Nzaba can bring.

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