Based out of San Francisco, California, the multi-talented rap artist Howl Blake has reinvented his image and approach to the genre in order to expand upon the consciousness of his lyrical journeys. In September of 2018, Howl Blake released an EP that embodies his recent creative musings titled Hollow. The project is composed of three epic tracks that incorporate elements of alternative, electronica, funk, pop, punk, and soul music into its hip-hop undercurrent.

Different from his previous releases recorded under various pseudonyms, Howl Blake takes the rap-sung route instead of his usual “bar for snare drum” cadence. This inventive approach perfectly complements the path of the night melodies that appear to dance around Hollow’s theme of unveiling the blanket that covers our hearts.

Track-By-Track Review of Hollow 

1-About Last Night: Hollow opens up with a brilliant song about the tug of war between “are we having sex (f*&king) “or “making love”. Howl Blake’s bars are quite impressive as he expresses an intelligible knack for the witty and the hood in the same verse. Basically, the track is about a couple who are confused about how to proceed when alone and in the mood for passion, sort of an odd moment you might say. The mood of the track seems to be a fusion of goth and Afro-punk.

2-Shroud & Rain: As we continue into the second track of the EP, Shroud & Rain hinges getting through heartbreak in slow motion. The hook is an incredible expression of Howl Blake’s poetic side as he harmonizes “I don’t want to see you no more, but you’re in my dreams so I can’t ignore you.” Shroud & Rain is enough to get your rewind-button addiction on for the night.

3-Courtship in Darkness: A lovely title for the EP’s concluding track. Howl Blake paints a picture of new love amid otherworldly aesthetics. The love spell is the song itself. Howl Blake is able to teleport listeners into his abode and give his audience a visual of a bright future.

Hollow by Howl Blake is a masterpiece. This EP is filled with enchantment and an equally multidimensional musical landscape to accommodate Howl Blake’s ride of the mystical carpet of melody. Not only has Howl Blake reinvented himself, but offers us a symphonious blueprint that all can enjoy in their process of self-transformation.

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