Gimme by KAIYA

New York-based indie-pop singer KAIYA has an exotic sound that perfectly matches her avant-garde work as a vocalist. KAIYA was born in Ukraine and spent much of her youth in the European fashion world. She is a post-modern Renaissance woman of poetic sophistication. Over the past two years, KAIYA has been working with Brooklyn producer and songwriter AMBE, which has led to the creation of some very beautiful music. KAIYA’s recent single Gimme (ÅMBE & ADMRL remix) is a perfect testimony of her creative genius.

Released in January of 2018 on Adim Records, Gimme flows alongside a stream of soulful electronica that flaunts a brisk organic warmth. The track is built upon a rich schematic of R&B elements and an ear-grabbing beat. Other exotic instrumentation adds depth and an incredible sense of quality to the track’s production. KAIYA’s spectacular vocal performance gives Gimme a soulful vibe that is refreshingly inventive. Listeners will find her distinct style of chorale to be an impressive feature of this flavorful song. Gimme (ÅMBE & ADMRL remix) by KAIYA is a musical gem for true devotees of quality sound.

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