Happy Christmas Baby by Andrew Ryan

Known for his innovative fusion of jazz and pop music, singer and songwriter Andrew Ryan has served up a brilliant offering for this holiday season with his new single entitled Merry Christmas Baby. The Los Angeles based musician’s love for music stretches back to the days of his youth, where he was often found playing the piano and singing in church. Today, Andrew Ryan has turned his dream of a musical career into a reality, as he is currently signed to Divulge Records.

Merry Christmas Baby is a delightful groove for this special time of year. The song straddles a pop music foundation shimmering in overtones of jazz and R&B. Merry Christmas Baby opens with an ear-opening brass section that works perfectly in drawing out the listener’s interest while setting the stage for Ryan’s soulful and heartfelt vocal performance. Merry Christmas Baby by Andrew Ryan is music of good taste and something that we can all enjoy in celebration of an approaching year.

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