Prickly Heat by The Atif

The multi-talented Atif Ali Khan is truly an inspiring artist with an undying passion for self-expression aboard the musical landscape, which is evident from the level of work that he has put forth. Comprised of members Atif A K (vocals), Vanja Grastic (lead guitars), Hector Alexander (bass), Alfredo Reed (keyboards, drums, guitars),  The Atif has certainly made an impact on the music world under Atif Ali Khan’s guidance and direction. Not only is Atif a brilliant singer and songwriter, but also produces the band’s videos with groundbreaking concepts that add heightened visual depth to their music. The Atif’s recent singles Sweet Spot and Instacrush are perfect examples of what the group is capable of musically and visually.

Atif Ali Khan’s relentless creativity has sparked another great single titled Prickly Heat. This highly impressive tune really epitomizes The Atif’s enchanting genius and their progressive evolution as a musical force. Different from The Atif’s previous works, Prickly Heat is built purely upon a progressive rock music landscape with influences of blues, classic rock, and psychedelic music.

Engineered by Joshua J. D. Walker, Prickly Heat begins with a scrumptious rhythm guitar that is well complimented by excellent drumming and song structure. Another thing that stands out is Atif Ali Khan’s performance as lead singer. Atif is able to straddle the mechanics of Prickly Heat like a motorcycle of bluesy funk. Prickly Heat by The Atif is one of the finest songs to date.

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