Heather Whitney owns the crossroads where beauty, raw talent, and ambition meet. Based out of Texas, singer and songwriter Heather Whitney’s latest album Moving On covers the nitty-gritty of broken hearts and moving forward. It is out of this collection of songs that we find ourselves blessed with the delights of her recent single What Part Of Life.

What Part Of Life is an empowering song with a heartfelt message of strength above despair. Filled with a sonic landscape of country, country rock, and folk music, Whitney is able to create a podium of reason through a melodic web of heavenly chorale. What Part Of Life comes as a timely lesson and fitting reminder for us to have faith in what we know is true.

The track is made whole by the charms of Heather Whitney’s warm and enchanting voice that gracefully sails over What Part Of Life’s steady and inventive groove. The Nashville-encoded seedlings of rhythm and traditional song structure give this tune a blanket of depth that keeps listeners intrigue. What Part Of Life by Heather Whitney is the perfect statement for every phase of our existence.

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