Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, country music’s native sun Matt Westin is en route to becoming a household name. Over the past two years, Westin has released several songs that have gained nationwide notoriety. Westin’s debut single Our Redneck of the Woods reached the IndieWorld Country chart and the European Country Music Association charts. Westin’s second single Farm Town received international airplay. Westin was recognized as the 2018 International Music and Entertainment Association Male Country Artist of the Year. His emerging creativity is captured in the new album titled Legacy.

Legacy is dedicated to the memory of Matt Westin’s late father. Westin authors a traditional style of country music that is rhythmically moving and witty in verse. Listeners are immediately captured from the album’s opening track You Leave Me No Choice. This romantic tune brandishes Westin’s distinct vocal tone and warm sense of chorale.

Westin’s original way of words and melody are the gems that set Legacy apart from mundane expressions in country music. Songs like Good Time and the electric guitar heavy track The Devils Door, not only reveal Westin’s superb songwriting ability but the picturesque concepts that he paints upon the minds of his audience. Legacy is a musical pathway that encompasses many of the life lessons that Westin has learned and is able to share with the guiding light of country music as the focal point.

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