The Silent Nina: Noah Chace

The work of a martial artist is not just about self-defense alone. A martial artist must be upright, honest, and sincere in all his undertakings, an honorable man or woman. Coupled with exemplary skill and virtue, Noah Chace commitment to martial arts study and Ninpo Taijutsu is to be commended. Amazingly, Chace has been able to take many of the precepts that he has learned as a musician and apply them to martial spirituality.

Chace has been a student of the reputable Boston Martial Arts Center for over a decade and has led an extended training group in Rhode Island in recent years. Brother Chace is well-respected in the martial arts community for his humble approach to the work, which landed him the nickname “Silent Ninja”. Back in 2015, I have the honor of interviewing Noah Chace to the delight of our readers. It is even with greater gratitude for his contributions to human society that we are happy to announce Noah Chace as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2019 Martial Artist of the Year Award! Congratulations!

Warlock Asylum International News Awards
Warlock Asylum International News 2019 Martial Artist of the Year Award


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