Based out of New Zealand, electronic composer, producer, and sound engineer Marc Chemali is a musical genius with an inventive approach to music that is truly inspiring. He has recently released a new album titled Prototype Musik. Comprised of eight sophisticated tracks, Prototype Musik is a wonderful album that explores everyday life through the guise of electronic music.

Prototype Musik Track by Track Review

1- I am Alive -This is a crisp opening for will prove to be a fabulous album. What is most impressive about Chemali’s production is that he approaches each work as a symphony in progress. I am Alive captures our attention with a solid and hard-hitting drum sequence that provides a strong foundation for additional instrumentation to dance on.

2 – ICU – A real charming track that makes good use of keyboard and synth dialogue. The mood of this track is quite etheric but remains grounded with its warm rhythms and electro-pop song structure.

3- Airlock – A fitting title for this atmospheric gem of soft tones and bright chords. Chemali provides an offering which blossoms from the soil of ambient music to create something cerebral.

4 – Reset Me – This catchy groove emerges from a spiral of invigorating post-modern synth sounds that leaves listeners in a vortex of intangibility. Reset Me breeds an addiction for the rewind button and more.

5- Voyage – Opening with a looming cloud in the air and the fragrance of drone music on the horizon, Chemali demonstrates the art of continuity through diversity and the stirring darkness of Voyage is a testimony of this.

6 – Hyper Love – The fluttering movements in rhythm tells a tale of the uneasiness and excitement that we feel in times of love. Perhaps our heart may skip a beat. This sonic collage merges elements of classical and dub music for the kiss of the evening.

7 – Origin – As it turns out Prototype Musik has a little something for everybody. Opening with its trip-hop drum cadence and layered keyboard melodies, Origin’s inspiring mood is heavenly sent.

8 – Sky Hook – As the concluding track to such a masterful work, Chemali leaves us with a dose of illumination on this highly-energized composition. Sky Hook opens with a vigorous beat that leads to a brilliant keyboard riff and other intoxicating sounds that complement the track’s leading melody. Sky Hook keeps on the edge of our seats in awe which can only end with a silent applause.

Prototype Musik by Marc Chemali is a true masterpiece of the genre. It is very rare that we approach a work that is more than just a collection of tracks, but there is a refreshing concept behind Prototype Musik that make its presentation magical. This album is filled with enchantment, but also musical lessons in the voice of instrumentation that the music industry would do well to heed.

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