Soon to be a household name, the Chicago native and a rap missionary of Victery Records NotaSlave is en route to the status of hip-hop legend. As a real emcee and verbal assassin, NotaSlave keeps it 100% about expressing himself as he sees fit. The grammar-maestro’s latest release titled Fire Within certainly bears witness to his monumental rap skills.

When it comes to lyrical content, NotaSlave goes in deep and successfully delivers a smorgasbord of realism that people from different walks of life can enjoy. Fire Within is one of NotaSlave’s cynical masterpieces that is bound to leave listeners in awe. For starters, Fire Within touches upon the rarely covered topics of abortion and the disenchantment and sorrow that is often experienced by couples, who have undergone the procedure. NotaSlave lets us know that it is not only women who feel pain during such trying times but personifies the many men whose hearts have bled in remorse over the situation.

Available on all digital platforms, Fire Within plays like a movie. NotaSlave’s vocal tone and colorful wordplay are perfectly complemented by an intense musical track that puts a “don’t knock on my door” vibe on full blast. Laced with surreal overtones and a cadence of dark looming clouds, Fire Within turns out to be a cinematic jewel filled with sonic visuals. The track is enriched by a clever drum sequence coupled with elements of voice and some bright keyboard riffs. This is truly one of the finest rap songs that I’ve come across in quite some time. NotaSlave has bars to keep the ready, willing, and able fenced in. as he proves to be the full embodiment of the Fire Within. 

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